What are Storyblocks' sensitive content standards?
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Content Standards

We strive to provide high quality content to our customers and to curate a collection that meets the needs of our wide customer base. Accordingly, we reserve the right to reject content which can be considered ‘graphic’ or ‘inappropriate’. This can include, but is not limited to, content containing or implying: genitalia, pornography, sexual content, acts of physical harm being performed to or by humans (not including obviously simulated harm or live sports), or acts of physical harm being performed by humans to animals (including depictions of deceased animals or animals in distress), and overtly graphic wounds in certain contexts.

Our guidelines extend to encompass content featuring hateful material, including derogatory or defamatory actions, and any form of content promoting or depicting hatred against racial, ethnic, religious groups or the LGBTQIA+ community, including content that reinforces stereotypes. Additionally we reserve the right to reject content that supports conspiracy theories.

If a contributor repeatedly submits inappropriate content or metadata, they will be removed from the platform.

Metadata Standards

Upcoming, content containing metadata we do not accept will be flagged in “Ready to Tag” for correction at the point of metadata application. Here's how it will work:

When content is submitted to review in the "Ready to Tag" phase, our system will analyze titles and keywords for any term(s) that may be inappropriate or sensitive. If any such term(s) are detected, the content will be flagged for metadata correction in “Ready to Tag”.

An alert will be shown in the field Title, Keywords or in both fields, listing the specific keywords we do not accept.

  • Contributors will be informed of the flagged terms that require correction. These terms could pertain to material deemed inappropriate for our platform.

  • Contributors can make necessary amendments to the titles and keywords to remove the flagged terms. Once these adjustments are made, the content can be resubmitted for review.

  • Content that does not contain flagged terms will continue to pass to review.

Alongside maintaining our current metadata standards, we will conduct regular reviews and updates of these standards, including metadata associated with published content. This process may involve addressing and removing derogatory phrasing or terms to ensure that our content consistently aligns with the expectations of our customers. By helping us build better metadata standards, contributors play a crucial role in maintaining a content library that is relevant and appropriate for our diverse audience.

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