What are Storyblocks' sensitive content standards?
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We strive to provide high quality content to our customers and to curate a collection that meets the needs of our wide customer base. Accordingly, we reserve the right to reject content which can be considered ‘graphic’ or ‘inappropriate’. This content can include, but is not limited to, content containing: genitalia, pornography, sexually explicit content, acts of physical harm being performed to or by humans (not including obviously simulated harm or live sports), or acts of physical harm being performed by humans to animals. Content of this nature will be rejected.

Content containing ‘sensitive’ themes or images not suitable for our general audience may be flagged as ‘sensitive’ and will be labeled on the site.* This content can include but is not limited to nudity (with artistic value or otherwise), sexually suggestive material (e.g. woman in lingerie dancing), suggestive violence or gore (e.g. footage of surgery). With content containing nudity, the model must be 25 years of age and the release will need to include a copy of photo identification of the model.

  • Our sensitive content filter is currently in development and anything labeled ‘sensitive’ will not be published to the site until the filter is active.

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