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How do I tag my content?
Written by Natasha Weyant
Updated over a week ago

Metadata is an all-encompassing term for titles, keywords, and other data stored with a file. It can be applied to your files in the following ways:

  1. (All Files) All contributors can edit metadata using our online platform (under the 'content' tab).

  2. (Video/Templates Only) Contributors uploading footage, animations, and templates also have the option to attach CSV files for metadata, however audio artists cannot attach them at this time. A CSV (Comma-Separated Values) is a common spreadsheet format (Click here to download a CSV template). We also accept CSVs formatted for Shutterstock or Pond5 - no editing needed!

  3. (Video Only) We can read metadata stored in your file's IPTC Core. We read the following fields: Headline (populates our Title field), Description, Title and Keywords. In order to populate the Title field which appears on the website, our system will read Headline first, followed by Description, and then Title in order to add the metadata.

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