• Do not submit duplicate titles. Each file should have its own unique title. The complete title cannot be exactly the same as that of another file. You must change at least one word in order for your title to be accepted.

    • This applies to all asset types.

    • Even if you have submissions that are relatively similar - such as animations that have only modest changes - they must still have separate, individual titles on each.

  • Aim for titles with 65 characters, which includes spaces. The minimum length is 16 characters and the max is 140 characters.

  • The title is what appears on the website, so it's best to provide a descriptive title that accurately depicts the content of the video or image. Your title should read like a sentence rather than a list of keywords.

  • For our records and to give customers a more descriptive title, the Filename and Title must be different, and cannot match. For example, the filename and title cannot both be Father throws Baseball to Son.mov. You can change the title field to "Father throws Baseball to Son." Note the lack of file extension.


  • There must be a minimum of 6 keywords (15-30 are recommended) on each file submission. 100 keywords is the maximum amount we can accept on a submission.

Do not repeat words unnecessarily, use unnecessary characters or inaccurately describe the content in your titles or your keywords. We reserve the right to request you edit and resubmit metadata that does not meet our submission requirements.

On uploads of footage, animations, and templates contributors can attach CSV files for metadata. At this time, audio artists do not have the ability to attach CSV files for metadata.

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