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Solicited Work: Getting Started
Solicited Work: Getting Started
Written by Natasha Weyant
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to Storyblocks!

Here are the first two things you need to do:

1. Create your account

Head to to create your own contributor account.

Upon completion, please contact your Storyblocks representative who will activate your account.

Your contributor dashboard is where you will:

  • Upload content

  • Apply releases

  • If applicable to your contract apply titles and keywords

  • Update payment methods and tax information

  • See Member Library Partner Program earnings

Your dashboard is the primary place to interact with your content and finances. Please do not email Storyblocks with files, metadata, or releases. All of this information should be uploaded and attached on your dashboard.

2. Payments & Partner Program Earnings

Your Storyblocks contact will let you know when your account has been activated. After you receive this notification, please login to complete your payment method.

The payment method you choose within your contributor dashboard ensures how you will receive all payments from Storyblocks.

It is strongly recommended that you select bank transfer or check as your preferred payment method.

*If you have exhausted these two options and are unable to select one of them as your payment method, please contact your Storyblocks representative.

Earnings Terms:

  • Work-for-Hire payment amounts and payout dates are listed in your contract terms.

    • Your work-for-hire content is exclusive to Storyblocks and will continue to earn in the Partner Program.

    • You are encouraged to continue uploading after your contracted content is delivered. Future uploads will not be exclusive, however you must contact Storyblocks first. After you complete your contract, if you wish to upload more content reach out to your Storyblocks representative to ensure the content is correctly identified as non-exclusive.

  • Revenue share earnings from the Member Library Partner Program are paid on the 15th of each month. You can read more about how earnings are calculated here.

  • See our Tax Center for a detailed explanation of how taxes work.

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