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Solicited Work: Uploading & Submitting
Solicited Work: Uploading & Submitting
Written by Natasha Weyant
Updated over a week ago

After you have created your account and submitted your payment method, you'll be ready to start uploading! Here's two things you need to know before you start:

1. Check Out Submission Requirements

Our help center is accessible right from your contributor dashboard, and answers many common questions including details on our submission requirements. Look under ‘Resources’, then select ‘FAQ’.

Search by any keyword to find answers to any questions you may have. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please email the team at

Common questions:

See: Releases **Please note** We cannot accept content with any trademarked or copyrighted content unless a release can be obtained. This includes, but is not limited to: logos/brands, trademarked content, or artwork, including graffiti. Please ensure no identifiable third-party content is visible in clips unless a release can be obtained by the delivery date of the content. An example of content we can accept would be visible and identifiable logos on a model’s wardrobe, artwork hanging in the background of the scene, or objects in frame with branded content.

2. Upload Content & Attach Releases

All clips and releases are due 30 days after signing your contract.

To upload clips:

  • Log into your contributor dashboard.

  • Select the ‘Content’ tab at the top.

  • You’ll now be looking at your content portfolio area, and will be on the ‘ready-to-tag’ tab. Select upload content in the center of the page, then choose ‘Videos’ and follow the prompts.

To upload and attach releases:

  • Select ‘Upload Release’ to upload one or multiple releases.

  • Once processed, select the ‘Releases’ tab to see all releases available in portfolio.

  • Select ‘+Media’ next to the appropriate release.

  • You can then drag matching clips from the left column to the right. Hit ‘Apply Releases’ at the bottom.

When complete, please email your Storyblocks contact.

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