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What types of footage do Storyblocks customers need?
What types of footage do Storyblocks customers need?
Written by Natasha Weyant
Updated over a week ago

Storyblocks’ mission is to help storytellers make more moving stories. Together with our contributors, we are redefining what these storytellers think about stock media and how they're using it. This means the content we offer must show real people! And in realistic settings and backdrops.

Customers want to see themselves and their audience in clips. They're not always looking for artificial models. We often hear customers want to see more clips that show people in these categories:

  • Diverse representation of people

  • All body shapes and sizes

  • Vast age ranges

  • Inclusive lifestyles (LGBTQI+ individuals, couples, and families)

  • Range of physical abilities

  • Believable surroundings

  • Natural acting

  • Appeal to a global audience

  • Commercial usability

For more on technical aspects, visit our submission requirements.

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