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Why do we have these approval standards?
Why do we have these approval standards?
Written by Natasha Weyant
Updated over a week ago

Customers recognize that stock media has come a long way! And that it has value in their storytelling. At Storyblocks, we're focused on delivering the most diverse, genuine, high-quality footage.

As we curate this valuable library together, it will help to attract and retain customers.

And by concentrating on footage that most closely matches customer needs, we’ll be filtering out content that isn’t adding to your earnings.

To provide this relevant library, we must narrow our footage review process to match. The review process is built around what customers have been asking for more of:

  • More non-white models

  • More religious diversity

  • More vast age ranges (beyond attractive young adults. Infants, school-aged children, middle-aged and senior models.)

  • Inclusive lifestyles (LGBTQIA+)

  • Ranging physical abilities and neurodiversities (models in wheelchairs, using walkers or canes, with prosthetic limbs, or showing neurodivergent behavior)

  • All body types and physical appearances

  • More believable acting. Natural, organic behaviors and interactions. When it looks as if the model didn’t know the camera was there, your shot is at its most natural point.

  • Scenes that feature visual mix of celebration, real struggles, and the pleasantly mundane nature of everyday life, at all socioeconomic levels.

When storytellers have access to footage that fairly represents the real world, it benefits everyone.

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