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What are the authenticity standards?
What are the authenticity standards?
Written by Natasha Weyant
Updated over a week ago

When customers review footage for authenticity, they're looking for:

  • Acting that has natural expressions and movement

  • Settings and objects that are modern and appropriate

  • Clothing appropriate for the environment in the clip

Below are examples of each and more details:


  • Subjects have natural expressions and actions. No actions that are noticeably out of place or distract from the shot (i.e. cheesy or unrealistic acting)

  • Subjects have natural movement within frame

Examples of natural expressions and actions:

Examples of natural movement within the frame:


  • Setting and objects around the subject are modern and appropriate

  • Models placed in natural settings with realistic decor

  • Believable/authentic surroundings with believable and authentic decoration (not staged); no cheesy, bland, or over-produced settings or props (i.e. plain white backdrop or bare walled room)



  • Clothing is appropriate for the environment

  • Realistic clothing for the scene, as in no sunglasses indoors and no winter coats on the beach


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