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What are the visual standards for footage?
What are the visual standards for footage?
Written by Natasha Weyant
Updated over a week ago

Our visual standards include:

  • Vibrancy and contrast

  • Arousing emotion and inspiring

  • Cinematic but practical

Below are examples of each and more details:

Vibrancy & Contrast

  • Shot has vibrancy and contrast (non-flat lighting and use of multiple color tones). Content has visual intensity and appears vivid, not “dull”. Color and lighting contrast are necessary to meet this standard.


Arousing emotion/Inspiring

  • Shot conveys a clear concept or emotion.


Cinematic but practical

  • Usable but attractive.

  • We want our content to sit somewhere between the stocky, sterile, drab content stock media is known for and the over-stylized, art house content found at some competitors.


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