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What are the technical standards for footage?
What are the technical standards for footage?
Written by Natasha Weyant
Updated over a week ago

Customers demand professional, high-quality footage and our technical standards were developed with their needs in mind. The technical standards focus on four areas:

  • Framing

  • Stabilization vs. handheld

  • Composition

  • Lighting

Below are examples of each and more details:


  • Intentional framing

  • Depth

Examples of intentional framing:
Subjects are framed appropriately and deliberately. Shot does not appear accidental and has intention in terms of framing.

Examples of depth:
Foreground/background separation, either by object placement or lens focus.

Stabilization vs handheld

Intentional camera movement (if camera is moving) - smooth camera motion, and any movement follows primary subject or reveals additional information (note: shaky camera appropriate when it lends itself to candidness).



Use of third lines when appropriate - visually compelling composition.



Lighting Matches Setting

Natural light when appropriate, professional lighting when appropriate; no lighting that is noticeably out of place or distract from the shot (i.e. harsh shadows on model’s face)


Proper Exposure of Primary Subjects

Primary subjects should not be overexposed, or underexposed.


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