How does Storyblocks work?
Written by Natasha Weyant
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Storyblocks is a subscription-based platform. Our members pay a monthly or annual fee to download content from the Member Library. Storyblocks serves a different customer compared to our competitors. Over 85% of our members are hobbyists, freelancers, and small business owners. Think high school teachers, freelance editors, and YouTube creators. They love the affordability and creative flexibility that an unlimited subscription model offers.

Through the Member Library Partner Program, your content can reach a new untapped part of the creative market, and make you more money. Our earnings model can offer consistency and is rooted in two factors:

  • How much of your content is downloaded compared to other contributors

  • Revenue from Storyblocks member subscriptions

Together with our contributors, we're cultivating a high-quality, valuable and relevant library for customers. You can read more details about how the model works on this page.

We currently accept applications in the following areas:

  • HD, 4K, VR/360 equirectangular footage

  • Animations (including motion graphics, backgrounds, alpha channel effects, transitions, and lower thirds)

  • Templates in After Effects, Premiere Pro (PRPROJ and MOGRT), Apple Motion, and DaVinci Resolve

  • Exclusive music in any music genre

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