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What are the submission requirements for templates?
Written by Natasha Weyant
Updated over a week ago

You must have the complete rights to all files, elements, and content submitted for a template project. If you are including third party assets in your project file, you must have distribution rights from a commercial or exclusive license. You may include any additional media assets that you have created yourself, such as music, artwork, photos, or video.

We do not accept preview files with watermarked audio or visual elements branded for other companies (unless it is your own company).

Upload a template as a zip file. The root folder must contain exactly one video preview file (this will be used to encode the previews on the site). If the download file does not include a preview, please re-zip to include a preview. See the image below for an example folder structure.

The preview file must be encoded at the same frame rate as the project. You may encode the preview file at a minimum resolution of 640x360. You may use third party assets in your preview file, such as music, artwork, photos, or video.


Download a Storyblocks PNG logo to use in your preview video

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