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What are the submission requirements for audio tracks?
What are the submission requirements for audio tracks?
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Sound Requirements

We’re looking for commercial quality, professionally prepared tracks. Music in any genre is acceptable-- we want songs that are unique, creative, inspiring, thought provoking, and emotional. We accept all contemporary popular genres as well as sub-genres, minute genres (Celtic, Spiritual, Cultural Music, etc.), and experimental sounds. If it sounds great, we are looking for it! Refer to the section below for a full list of potential rejection reasons related to quality.

Do Not

  • Submit tracks that have been monetized on YouTube or Facebook through organizations such as AdRev, HAAWK, Rumblefish, AdShare, TuneCore, Audiam, and similar services.

  • Use distribution services that include either licensing or Content ID tracking for YouTube/Facebook. For example, using CD Baby to distribute on sites like iTunes is okay, but you cannot opt-in to their Sync Licensing or PRO services. (If you have any questions about a specific library or deal you are considering, please don’t hesitate to ask us!)

  • Embed your own watermark or copyright onto your tracks.

  • Submit covers or close soundalike versions of popular songs.

  • Submit new compositions of public domain music unless given explicit permission by Storyblocks.

  • Use samples unless they are 100% cleared for commercial distribution.

  • Submit sound effects. We currently do not accept sound effects, but will consider taking them on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to with your request.

Technical Requirements

  • All tracks must be submitted as a WAV or AIF / AIFF file

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