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Why did Storyblocks remove some files from my portfolio?
Why did Storyblocks remove some files from my portfolio?
Written by Natasha Weyant
Updated over a week ago

Storyblocks is committed to maintaining a vibrant library of high-value footage, audio and templates. Keeping it relevant means we periodically take inventory, and remove underperforming content. These are assets that have surfaced in customer searches, but aren't getting downloaded as much as other content.

When we remove this content, the impact to contributor earnings is typically small. On average, the impact amounts to a few cents or in some cases a couple of dollars.

Grooming the library in this way also makes room for new, trending assets. It provides a shared focus to maintain a library that meets customer demands, growing subscription revenue, and sustaining your earnings.

We always welcome new uploads and encourage you to check out our in-demand dashboard as you plan your next shoot.

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