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Where can I see download data for my portfolio?
Written by Natasha Weyant
Updated over a week ago

Your contributor dashboard reflects your top downloads:


  • Top 10 downloads for the previous month

  • Top categories by percentage of downloads


  • Top moods and genres by percentage of downloads

  • Tracks by percentage of downloads

  • Monthly/all-time number of users who downloaded tracks as well as the number of distinct countries in which those users are located

We designed the earnings pool for contributors so that as Storyblocks grows, so do your earnings. Two factors are driving the revenue share pool:

  • Your downloads, relative to other contributors and the customer who is downloading

  • Member subscriptions

The unlimited subscription model gives our members the freedom to get the assets they need, when they need them, and without sacrificing their vision.

This model also gives us more information about customer search patterns, downloading trends and behaviors. Information that is relevant to you as you create new content. Our in-demand dashboard is designed to show you what to shoot next.

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