Are there any fees associated with getting paid?
Written by Natasha Weyant
Updated over a week ago

Third parties we work with to help process your payments do charge small fees.

Our payout manager, Tipalti, charges transaction fees. The fees for each payout option are as follows:

  • Payoneer - NO fee, but minimum payout requirement of $10.00 per transaction

  • PayPal - $1.00 per payout

  • Direct Deposit - $1.00 per payout

  • Wire Transfer (United States) - $15.00 per payout

  • Wire Transfer (International in USD) - $25.00 per payout

  • Wire Transfer (International in local currency) - $20.00 per payout

  • Check - $6.00 per payout

  • eCheck - $5.00 per payout

You can hold your payments indefinitely to help reduce third-party fees if you'd like. We may also legally be required to withhold earnings for tax purposes. See our Tax Center for a detailed explanation of how taxes work.

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